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"I can commend the 'Pedigree Automobiles' web site to anyone seeking to sell a cherished car....the price of this advert is worth every pound..."
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Cars For Sale:
Austin 1300
Austin 1300
Austin 8
Austin 8
Fiat Samantha
Fiat Coupe Vignale "Samantha"
Humber Super Snipe
Humber Super Snipe
Jaguar XKE 2+2
E-Type Jaguar 2+2
Jaguar S Type
S Type Jaguar 1999
Jaguar XJ6 4.0
XJ6 4.0 Auto
Jaguar XJS
XJS 6.0 V12
Jaguar Convertible
XJS V12 Convertible
Mercedes 200 W115
MGB Roadster
Morgan sportscar
Morgan sportscar
1963 Rover
1963 Rover P4 For Sale
1954 Standard
1954 Standard 8
1974 VW
1974 VW Roadster
Wolseley 9hp
Wolseley 9hp
Also for sale at PA:
Alfa Duetto 1750
Ford F1 truck
Hillman Minx VIII
Standard Flying 8 tourer
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1935 Singer Le Mans
Here you can see an example of an older car for sale, showing the level of detail, text & images that can be shown on the page presenting a classic or vintage car on sale.

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Collectors Car sales service.

Advertise your classic, muscle, or custom car online.

Pedigree Automobiles offers excellent opportunities to market thoroughbred, vintage and classic motorcars for sale online.

Sell your car from just 29.95 GBP for 6 months!!

Classic car advertising
Depending on which Sales Package you select, the following options to help sell your vehicle are available:
  • A webpage solely about your car with be promoted here
  • As much descriptive text regarding your car can be included as you wish
  • Include large clear digital photographs of the car being sold
  • Choose from 6 months, 12 months or Unlimited advertisement inclusion (read more)
  • Choose Pedigree Automobiles to write the advertisement text based on the information you supply
  • Home Visits - we can come to your UK home and take the photographs for you, prepare all the text and create the website advertisement all within the fee
  • Choose to have your advert on its own subdomain of Pedigree Automobiles, including contact email address, to make it really stand out
  • Prices for the photo-based Packages start at just 29.95 GBP.
Find out more about what each car sales Package includes, please click here. To see a sample advertisement, please click here.

Prior to Pedigree Automobiles being launched, the options available to the enthusiast of older motorcars for marketing their pride and joy online were at best limited. If you were lucky, you might be able to have a small grainy photograph of your classic car added to a general car sales page, alongside a brief paragraph of text introducing your car. At Pedigree Automobiles, your advert can contain as much text as you wish, with clear photographs alongside.

The problem with these other websites is that you have no control over the other cars listed on the same page as your own, so your cherished classic or vintage car could be listed in with any number of inappropriate modern cars on the same page. Chances are people visiting these sites will not be in the market for a collectors car.

Pedigree Automobiles however will present your car in it's very best light, on a website solely designed to market older collectors cars for sale.

Every page on this website is optimised to maximise its effectiveness in the search engines, ensuring that as many people as possible, not just from the UK but globally, have the opportunity to read about your car.

Historic motoring magazines offer a half-way house option, but are not inexpensive to advertise in and adverts are at least 3 or 4 weeks out of date by the time the publications hit the newstands - plus do 20-30 words really capture the essence of the old car that is on sale? Neither do they offer a minimum of 6 months international advertising for such low prices. With your car for sale on this site you can fully detail the condition, provenance and background to the car you want to sell, with no such limitations.

The internet offers sellers the best way to advertise their classic or vintage cars, with an audience unequalled by any motoring magazine.

You can even choose Pedigree Automobiles to create all the advertisement text and visit your home to photograph the cars and take down it's particulars in person, as part of Package No.3.

This really is where Pedigree Automobiles comes into it's own. There are cheaper methods to advertise and market your vintage or classic car, but I hope that the difference to your sales success, that only Pedigree Automobiles can offer, is clear.

All classic cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, built or of a type designed prior to 1980, are eligible to be advertised on this new website.

The Home Visit option is available to vendors in mainland United Kingdom. Prices for the options available may be viewed here. Alternatively if you are able to supply sufficiently detailed images and accompanying history and description, the entire process can be arranged and handled online for a lower fee.

Current Advertisements:
Alfa Romeo Duetto
Austin 1300
Austin 8 1939
Fiat Coupe Vignale
Ford F1 Pickup
Hillman Minx VIII
Humber Super Snipe
Jaguar 2+2 XKE V12
Jaguar S Type
Jaguar XJ6 4.0
Jaguar XJS 6.0 V12
Jaguar XJS Convertible
Mercedes 200 W115
MGB Roadster
Rover P4 1963
Standard 8 1954
Standard Flying 8 tourer
VW Wizard Roadster
Wolseley 9hp
Previously listed:
Allard J2 rep.
Austin A30
Austin 16 1930
Austin 7 Ruby
Austin 8
Citroen Light 15 (Traction Avant) x2
Daimler DB18
Daimler XJ6 S1
FIAT 124 Spider
Ford Popular 100E
Ford Torino Elite
Hillman Avenger
Humber Limousine
Jaguar E-Type rdst
Jaguar E-Type S3 V12
Jaguar E-Type S3 2+2
Jaguar ST100
Jaguar XJ6 Series 1
Jaguar XJ6 Series 3
Jaguar XK120 replica
Lincoln 1968
Mercury 1955
Messerschmitt Tiger
Morris Traveller x2
Morris Minor
Morris Z Van
Opel GT
Plymouth Coupe
Rover P4 x3
Rover P5
Rover P6 3500S
Saab 96
Skoda S110R
Trabant P601L
Triumph Herald
Triumph Roadster
Triumph Spitfire Mk4
VW Beetle x2
With all packages on offer, Pedigree Automobiles can prepare the advertising text for a vendor, using the information that the vendor supplies, in order that it has maximum impact for both potential buyers and the internet search engines. Each vendor can be assured that their car listing will be fully optimised for all the leading search engines to ensure maximum visibility. Whereas a magazine advert may only appear for one month, buried on a page of other adverts at the back of a magazine, cars advertised with Pedigree Automobiles will be on display for 6 months, 12 months, or for as long as the vendor wishes, depending on the Package chosen.

This service is also available to owners of vintage motorcycles, classic commercial vehicles, and historic racing cars of the period.

In summary therefore, Pedigree Automobiles will market online any collectable vehicle built or designed prior to 1980. They will help prepare the text that goes into the advertisement, and offer the option of a Home Visit to discuss how the advert will appear, and photograph the car to its best effect.

And don't forget! how long will this advert be shown at Pedigree Automobiles? forget one month, as offered by many classic car magazines, advertisements will be included on Pedigree Automobiles for 6 months as standard, with the option of choosing 12 months or unlimited time! If you wish to extend the period of the advertisement from 6 or 12 months, this can easily be arranged for a small fee to cover administration.

I hope you will agree that the service as outlined here is unique, and offers a much broader window in which to advertise your vintage or classic car than has ever been the case until now.


The Pedigree Automobiles Team.
Previously listed on Pedigree Automobiles
Sellers' feedback
Austin 16
Austin 16/6
Austin 7
Austin 7 Ruby
Traction Avant
Citroen Traction Avant
Light 15
Citroen Traction Avant
Jaguar E Type V12
E-Type Jaguar S3 V12
Jaguar XJ6
XJ6 Jaguar S1
Morris Minor Traveller
Morris Traveller
1971 Opel
1971 Opel GT
1961 Rover
1961 Rover P4 For Sale
1973 Rover
1973 Rover P5 For Sale
1974 Saab 96
1974 Saab 96 For Sale
1976 Skoda
1976 Skoda S110R
Terms of Service Inclusion of a car, parts or other vehicle for this sale on Pedigree Automobiles is not an endorsement of the vehicle, the seller, or the legality of the contact as owner of the item(s). Pedigree Automobiles is solely providing an online link between the advertiser and potentially buyers - buyers must satisfy themselves on the car and/or spares condition and legalities involved with its sale and/or purchase before making an offer - caveat emptor as usual, we cannot accept responsibility or liability in any way for purchases made of vehicles or parts submitted for display on this site, or indeed any resulting actions from advice or other information presented on this website. The editor at Pedigree Automobiles reserves the right to withold and remove where deemed fit any content submitted for inclusion on the site that is believed inappropriate, unsuitable, or blatant spam. If while viewing this site you notice material liable to cause offence in any way, please contact the editor via the Contact page and this will be investigated as soon as possible. Private and trade advertisements are equally welcome although Trade sellers must advise us of this fact. Personal data will be maintained in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All graphics and images on this site are copyright.
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